Testimonial: Priscilia, Los Angeles, California

Testimonial: Priscilia, Los Angeles, California



Thank you Law Lum Group. I have finally get my green card after 10 years of waiting. Justin and the group has been there for me since my Removal Withholding until when I got married with citizen and change my case to Married Petition. Justin was helping me and ensure me to get as much as document I could have.  Both Justin and Albert Lum charged me with reasonable fee and affordable installment. I recommend people to go to them.

首先让我诚挚地感谢林氏律师团对我的移民申请所提供的高质量专业服务。经过10年的努力,我终于获得绿卡了。林柏德(A Justin LUM) 律师及其团队坚持不懈,以他们的专业知识和经验为我终止了递解程序。待我的美国公民配偶为我提出亲属移民申请,作为美国公民的配偶我获得亲属移民绿卡。林柏德律师在帮助我的同时,要求我尽可能多的提供文件和证据,以帮助申请能顺利完成。 林柏德 (A Justin LUM)和林玉贵(Albert C LUM)两位律师所要求的律师费也是非常合理的, 而且付款方式也很人性化,可以分期付,甚至对经济特别困难状况的客户提供分月付款方式。因此我乐意推荐朋友和熟人给林氏律师团。(阅读英文原版评论).

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